What is Good Mileage for Used Car

You should typically expect that a car owner will put 12,000 miles on a car each year. Simply multiply 12,000 by the age of the automobile to see if the mileage is realistic. That indicates 60,000 miles is a reasonable mileage for a car that is five years old. An issue or impending trouble may be indicated by significantly more or fewer miles.

However, mileage might be deceiving. This is why you also need to take into account how many owners there are. With only 90,000 kilometers on a used SUV for sale that is ten years old, the mileage alone suggests that it would be a decent purchase. But if it has had four owners in those ten years. There is a good chance that at least one of them did not take good care of the car. Similarly, if you come across a 10-year-old automobile, in any of the car dealerships in Mississauga, that has only one owner, has just 30,000 miles on it, and appears to be in excellent shape, it is probably a wonderful value. Typically, these vehicles are garage-kept and receive excellent care.

What Amount of Miles is Too Much on a Used Car?

There is no set rule for how many kilometers in a car are too many because mileage can be deceptive. Having said that, using the 12,000 miles per year rule, you may obtain an estimate of the kind of mileage to anticipate from a used car for sale in car dealerships in Mississauga. You might want to look at other vehicles if a used SUV for sale has more than 12,000 miles on it per year.

What Amount of Miles is Too Little for a Used Car?

There is no set rule for this. Even if the mileage looks remarkably low, buying a used car for sale with little mileage is typically a wise choice. There are some symptoms that can point to insufficient driving of the vehicle. However, you must first confirm that the odometer reading is correct.

You can usually tell whether the vehicle history data is accurate by reading it. There is a good chance that the odometer reading is true, for instance, if you find on the vehicle history record that the automobile had only 5,000 miles on it at 5 years old. The vehicle’s look can also be a reliable predictor of whether the odometer is accurate, as a car with a 10-year lifespan should have few dents and very little interior wear and tear.

Have the car checked out by a qualified mechanic if you think the odometer reading is accurate. This is a wise rule to follow when buying any automobile. But it is crucial in cases where a car has very little mileage because, if the car has been sitting for a while, some parts may have dried out and may need to be replaced right away.

Is Buying a Car with High Mileage a Good Idea?

Although many people steer clear of buying vehicles with a lot of miles because they believe they are riskier and more likely to have issues, modern vehicles are built to last much longer. When you purchase a vehicle with high mileage. The depreciation curve has already flattened, so its value will not drop quickly, the way a new car’s value does. In addition, because cars are supposed to be driven, they frequently have good lubrication and burn off carbon buildup. Both of which extend the engine’s lifespan. Cars with little mileage, however, usually do not receive fluid changes as frequently. Which might lead to issues down the road.

Which is More Important, Age or Miles?

You can come across certain offers when hunting for a suitable secondhand car that does not seem to make sense. For instance, an automobile that is 10 years old sells for more money than one that is 7 years old and has much more miles on it. When mileage and age are meant to go hand in hand. You could be left wondering why the older car is more expensive, but this is not always the case. Age and mileage have varied effects on a car’s value and might not be closely related.

It is critical to understand how mileage and age vary from one another before beginning your search for the perfect car. One of the key elements in determining the cost of a used car is the mileage on the odometer. It provides evidence of the degree of deterioration the vehicle has undergone over time. As a result, a car with more miles on it will probably cost more than one with fewer kilometers. In general, a car with lower mileage also provides a smoother ride.

The age of a used car for sale by car dealers in Mississauga is not really relevant if everything inside is in good functioning order. Most parts of an automobile wear down according to the number of miles travel. There are a few components that will be affected as a result of ageing. For instance, rubber components typically do not last as long but are less expensive to replace. You should not let small issues like these stop you from purchasing an older used SUV for sale from car dealers in Mississauga.


If you are unsure about the ideal mileage before purchasing a used car for sale. Then do not worry because this article has all the useful information you will need.